Waxing Spa Services in STILL BEAUTY & MED SPA

Effective Hair Removal

If you have unwanted hair on your face or body, the experts at Still Beauty & Med Spa in Ajax, Ontario, offer customized waxing services for precise and effective hair removal.

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Relaxation Massage Q & A

  • What areas can be waxed?

    You may choose to wax to remove hair from your:
    ● Legs● Bikini area Abdomen Back Arms Shoulders Back Chest

  • What happens during a waxing appointment?

    When you have a waxing appointment, you relax on a treatment bed with the area exposed from which you want to have your hair removed. Your hair removal expert cleans your skin, which makes both waxing more effective.
    During a waxing treatment, your esthetician applies a layer of wax, then presses a linen strip onto the wax as it hardens and quickly removes the strip, pulling away the wax and your hair.
    Then your esthetician applies a cooling gel to soothe any redness or irritation. You will also be provided a comprehensive post-care sheet after treatment.

  • What are the benefits of waxing?

    When you have waxing treatments with the experts at Still Beauty & Med Spa, you benefit from having a trained and certified professional take care of your body hair removal needs. They offer quick and precise hair removal treatments that last for two to four weeks.

    Call to schedule a waxing appointment today.
    *Individual results may vary.

Whether you want to shape your eyebrows or remove hair from your back, the team offers the hair removal services you need for smooth skin. We do body and facial waxing; schedule your appointment today!
Waxing uses a wax or resin that hardens around your facial or body hair so that when the wax is removed from your skin, it pulls the hair along with it. At Still Beauty & Med Spa, your esthetician applies a liquid wax to your skin, which dries and hardens. Your beauty expert then applies a linen strip to pull away the wax and your hair. Waxing is suitable for nearly every place on your body and lasts for around a month.

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