Still Beauty & Med-Spa is now offering Bio Microbeedling-the NEW Revolutionary facial Treatment without using actual needles!  Minimal down-time, no numbing needed.

Biomicroneedling Q & A



How does it work?
The key ingredient is sponge spicules, which is pure natural biological extracts. It is much more advanced than algae and seaweed, 100% natural and no chemicals or acid.
They are tiny needles that can only be seen with a microscope. A 1g sponge needle has 4 million needles that are pierced into the skin at the same time by massaging it into the skin by your skin expert to speed up skin metabolism and stimulate collagen regeneration.

What are the benefits of biomicroneedling?

The five benefits of "sponge spicules" Biomicroneedling therapy:
✅ Acne treatment
✅ Wrinkle removal
✅ Skin tightening
✅ Pigmentation removal
✅ Skin rejuvenation

What should I expect after the treatment?

The skin will peel off naturally within 4 days, and new skin can be obtained within 7 days. It is totally different from a chemical peel.